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Last updated on: July 10, 2023

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Surah Mulk Pdf , Surah Al mulk Read Online, Mp3 Download

Surah Mulk is the 67th chapter of the Quran, containing 30 verses. The Surah emphasizes the power and majesty of God and the importance of good deeds. And the accountability of all individuals on the Day of Judgment. It also contains many references to the universe’s creation and nature’s beauty, which are signs of God’s existence and power. The Surah is one of the Quran’s most potent and beneficial surahs. However, believers recite it regularly for protection and blessings. In this article, you can download Surah Mulk Pdf.

Surah mulk read online

Surah al Mulk Hadith

Here are several Hadith (sayings or actions of Prophet Muhammad) related to the recitation of Surah Mulk. Some of these Hadiths include:

  1. It is narrated from Abdullah ibn Mas’ud that whoever recites Surah al-Mulk every night. Allah will protect him from the punishment of the grave.
  2. Allah will write a thousand good deeds for whoever recites Surah al-Mulk. Erase a thousand evil deeds from his record, and raise him a thousand levels.

For the readers of Surah Mulk, it will continue to intercede on the Day of judgment. Therefore, we must include reciting this Surah in our daily routine. It also encourages us to recite Surah mulk before going to sleep. Indeed, it will be helpful for you and your companion on the Day of judgment.

Surah Mulk read online

surah mulk read online

surah mulk read online

surah mulk read online

surah mulk read online

So these are Surah Mulk Pics in Hd. You may download them or read them online, Surah.

Surah mulk pdf download – সূরা মূলক

The Surah primarily focuses on the Oneness of God and the importance of recognizing and submitting to His sovereignty. It also emphasizes the temporary nature of this life and the eternal nature of the hereafter. The PDF version of Surah Mulk is a digital text that you can easily download and read on a computer or mobile device. It is a convenient way to access the chapter and study its teachings. So download the Surah Mulk pdf here.

Here is the virus-free Surah Mulk Full Pdf.

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Download Surah mulk mp3

Surah Mulk MP3 is an audio recording of the 67th chapter of the Quran, recited by a qualified Quran reciter. A potent approach to engage with the message and teachings of the chapter is to listen to the Quran being recited, especially Surah Mulk. The most real and potent way to interact with the material is by reciting the Quran in Arabic. Thanks to technology, we can listen to Surah Mulk mp3 with Mobile, tablet, or another digital device. Surah Mulk MP3 is also widely available online; many websites and apps provide access to multiple reciters to give the user a choice of different styles and interpretations of the chapter.

Benefits of Surah Mulk

Every Muslim should recite the Surah Mulk every Day. It has many benefits, including protection from the punishment of the grave. The Person who recites this Surah will be approached from his chest, and the chest will say you have no right to harm what is in your heart. He has been used to recite Surah Mulk.”

When you recite the Surah Mulk, it erases your sins and accumulates good deeds. Surah mulk increases one’s faith and understanding of the power and majesty of God. This Surah protects from evil influences and is a powerful means of seeking God’s help and guidance. Also, reciting this Surah will increase blessings and prosperity in one’s life.

Surah Mulk, before going to sleep

Our Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) recited the Surah mulk daily before sleeping. Abdullah bin Mas’ud says, Whoever recites the Surah mulk before sleeping. Allah will prevent the punishment of the grave from him. For a person who recites the Surah mulk daily, Allah sends angels to protect his whole night. All these blessings we get when we repeat a single Surah. Indeed Allah’s favors are countless. We should practice reciting the Surah Mult at least once daily. It will not only vanish the punishment of the grave but erase our sins.

Abdulrahman Almasoudi (عبد الرحمن المسعودي) | Sourate Al Mulk (سورة الملك) (YouTube)



Reciting Surah Mulk has many spiritual and practical benefits. It will also protect a person from the punishment of the grave and the erasure of sins; it can also increase faith, wisdom, and understanding, protect from evil & also increase blessing. It is essential to recite the Quran with understanding and contemplation on the meaning rather than just reciting it to gain rewards. For more, you can visit our website.

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