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Last updated on: January 25, 2023

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Dua to get pregnant Fast – Dua to conceive – Get pregnant with boy

Are you trying to get pregnant and are you unsuccessful yet? Then Don’t worry! Here I am going to share a powerful Dua to get pregnant. It is no less than a miracle and the result will be beyond your expectations. All parents and couples have a desire for children. It starts a new family for them and brings hope and prosperity. The Qur’an refers to children as “a great bounty” and as “a trust” from Allah.

Dua to get pregnant Fast

Dua to get pregnant Fast

The children are innocent and pure, They bring joy, and love to family and community. Furthermore, A baby also makes the relationship bond of Spouses stronger. In our society, a female is considered strong after having babies. So, many women remain depressed and sad about having no children. All ladies who want children consult the medical expert and also recite this powerful dua.

The power of dua in helping couples conceive

Regarding pregnancy, it is believed that making dua for a child is a way for a couple to ask for Allah’s blessings and guidance in starting a family. Dua can be made for a variety of things related to pregnancy, including for a healthy pregnancy, for safe delivery, or for a child who will be a source of blessings for the family and society.

So, there are many duas that are very powerful for conceiving. Furthermore, verses from different surahs were seen as quite effective. I will mention all these Dua for getting conceive or pregnant below. That you have to recite according to the following procedure.

Powerful Prayer Dua To Get Pregnant (YouTube)

Dua for getting pregnant

Dua to Get Pregnant

Dua to Get Pregnant

Dua to get pregnant with twins in Islam

2nd Dua to Get Pregnant

2nd Dua to Get Pregnant

Get pregnant in a month

3rd Dua to Get Pregnant

3rd Dua to Get Pregnant

  1. Have trust in Allah that he will bless you.
  2. Be patient, Because Allah also loves the patience of his creature and listens to him.
  3. Repent on past and present mistakes. Because sometimes we unintentionally or intentionally make Allah angered.
  4. Thanks to Allah for his all blessings and favors. And never be hopeless.
  5. Indeed Allah is the creator of the Whole universe. He will definitely bless you with Children also.

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Importance of dua in Islam for having a baby

The prophet Zakariya is known for his supplications and dua to have a child. Hazrat Zakariya was an old, barren man who would regularly make dua to Allah for a child. He would spend long hours in the mosque, praying and making supplications for a child.

One day, while he was in the mosque, the angel Jibreel (Gabriel) appeared to him and told him that Allah had heard his prayers and that he would have a son. Jibreel also told him that his son would be a prophet and that his name would be Yahya.


This incident is mentioned in the Quran and is an example of the power of dua and the importance of having children in Islam. Hazrat Zakariya’s dua for a child is considered a model of piety and devotion. His story is also a reminder that even in the face of seemingly impossible circumstances, the power of dua and faith in Allah can lead to the fulfillment of one’s desires.


Indeed, We have shared the best, most powerful, and most effective دعا for getting pregnant. If you are hopeless yet then trust in Allah and start reciting this Dua. Indeed, it will help you a lot in conceiving. 

However, having children is a natural desire of every human. So, May Allah Fulfill the dua of our all sisters and brother. And bless all couples with children. For more related duas keep visit our website.

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